Ten tips for last minute filers

With the tax filing deadline close at hand, here are the top 10 tips the IRS wants you to know if you are still working on your federal tax return.

  1. E-File your return
  2. Review tax ID numbers and filing status.
  3. Double-check your figures and math.
  4. Make sure names are spelled correctly, especially those of dependents.
  5. Sign and date your return.
  6. Choose Direct Deposit, but make sure you include the right bank account number and bank routing number.
  7. If you have to send a payment, make the check out to “United States Treasury” and enclose it with, but don’t attach it to, the tax return or payment voucher. Write your name, address, SSN, telephone number, tax year and form number on the check or money order. You can also pay by phone or online using a credit or debit card.
  8. File an extension but remember that it is not an extension of time to pay.
  9. If you can’t pay, file your return by April 15th and pay as much as you can to avoid penalties and interest. Then contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to discuss payment options.
  10. Review your return…one more time.