CPA Spotlight: Transformer

If someone is asked to define the term transformer, more often than not, the answers would be relegated to something about Autobots or Decepticons. Although true in the cinematic sense, these responses would miss the mark in this exercise. In the truest sense of the term, to transform is to change in composition or structure, or the outward form or appearance.

For Frank Laborde, CPA and president of Laborde & Associates, PC in San Antonio, these words help define who he is.Growing up on the south side of the Alamo city, the married father of three learned from an early age that appreciating the beauty in tradition, heritage and family is the core of living successfully and responsibly.

As a child working at his father’s pharmacy, Laborde discovered the importance of serving the community, while understanding that one day he could own his own business and do what his father did for so many years. Read the entire article from Texas Society of Certified Public Accountantshere.