Did you miss a credit or deduction? Do you need to correct something on your tax return?

If you’ve already filed your tax return, but need to make an adjustment, you can file an amended tax return called, Form 1040-X.

Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Identify the year of the return you’re amending at the top of the form. Generally, you can only go back 3 years.
  • Amended returns can only be filed on paper; it cannot be done electronically.
  • If filing more than one return, prepare a separate 1040-X for each return.
  • Use separate envelopes for each form and make sure you send it to the correct IRS office, depending on where you live.
  • If you are filing for an additional refund, wait until you get your original refund to arrive.
  • Don’t amend your return because of math errors, the IRS will check your math and fix it for you.

Download the 1040-X form and find out more at IRS.gov.