Ruhnke House Receives Conservation Award

About the restoration and Conservation Award

The Ruhnke house is a one-story building. Built in the 1870’s and constructed of pre-railroad era, using white Texas limestone. Our office sits at 1518 South Flores. The original owner was Edward Ruhnke, Sr., a butcher who had his meat market and home in this building. With 12” thick original stone walls, the project preserves a truly exceptional example of the distinctive Texas structures built along the main mercantile routes in San Antonio.

Fully restored to it’s original glory next door is a two-story building. Built in the 1890s and constructed of yellow brick. The original owner was C.A. Soule, a pharmacist who ran his pharmacy on the first floor and lived with his family upstairs. The project and its architect Saldana Architecture received a San Antonio Conservation Society Award in 2002.