Laborde Family Memorial Foundation

To support Catholic high school education.

Laborde Family Memorial Foundation. In memory of Alfredo & Ana María Z. Laborde, Alfredo & Amalia Laborde + Rosendo & Reynalda Zamudio.Laborde Family Memorial Foundation

When our parents, Alfredo & Ana Maria Laborde, passed away, our family came together to plan the dispersal of their estate. The unanimous agreement was that from their estate we would form a foundation in order to continue their legacy of faith and giving, rooted in the importance of education. Therefore, the Foundation officially established in 2005, wholeheartedly supports Catholic high school education.

We are honored and blessed to have awarded more than $100,000 in scholarship money to qualifying students over the years.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible monetary donation, you may send it to:

Laborde Family Memorial Foundation
1518 S. Flores
San Antonio, Texas 78204